Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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samantha-jane seeley
samantha-jane bears
United Kingdom

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My name is Samantha-jane Seeley, I live in Berkshire with my cats Dali, Louella, Teddy and Kato. My home is filled with bears, dolls and magic....I have always loved bears and have been a collector for as long as I can remember. Like a lot of artists I soon got the desire to create one of my own and started with a kit, it wasn't long before I wanted to make my own style of bear and before I knew it I had developed my look.I have had the pleasure of designing and making my own since 1997. I love my work, I love creating something unique and special that hopefully someone will treasure with the knowledge they are the only person in the world to own such a little creation. Two years ago I made my first kitten which took months of planning, designing and studying my cats....this didn't always please them! I have had cats all of my life and couldn't imagine life without one so it seemed quite natural that I should include kittens in my craft as well as bears. My kittens have started to win awards for me and have taken off in a way I still can't quite believe. Both bears and kittens are my very own design, I don't just make them...I live them. It sounds a bit potty but they que up in my head to be made!!!If you have any questions aout my creations please do not hesitate to contact me, Ive always got time for a chat.I offer a three month layaway service so please feel free to contact me for more information about this.I hope my bears and kittens have put a smile on your face....It's their job...Big hugsSamantha-jane xx

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